Congratulations! COVID-19 Humanitarian Service Medal for Board Member Anees Munshi

SCLS Board Member Anees Munshi received the COVID-19 Humanitarian Service Medal for his service to Scarborough during the Pandemic as nominated by Community Members! The Award was presented to Anees by MP Shaun Chen on behalf of the Government of Canada

Scarborough Community Legal Services extends its deepest congratulations to Anees Munshi for his recent award of the COVID-19 Humanitarian Service Medal! A member of the Clinic’s Board, Anees was awarded the COVID-19 Humanitarian Service Medal, by the Canadian Government for his work in the community during the Pandemic. Being a Civil War survivor, Anees takes pride in helping others by volunteering in the community during his spare time. He volunteers approximately 300 hours a year in various non-profits including being part of the Board of Directors for many community organizations.

In the past two years during the Pandemic that saw thousands of people sick, unemployed, and struggling to make ends meet, Anees was out there helping others in the community.  He has been picking up donations, non-perishable foods, and groceries for vulnerable and immuno-compromised folks in the community and have them delivered to different parts of Scarborough. Without expecting anything in return, Anees did this day in and day out and continues to do so, whenever he has had time.  His continued dedication and tireless work during the Pandemic was recognized by the people he helped.  Without his knowledge, folks from the community nominated Anees for the COVID-19 Humanitarian Service Medal.  Anees was shocked and humbled for the recognition when he received a call from the staff of the Canadian Government to notify him as being a recipient of COVID-19 Humanitarian Service Medal. The photo above are of the Ceremony that took place on June 10th 2022 where the award was given to Anees by MP Shaun Chen.