Public Legal Education

We offer:

  • speakers and workshops for community agency staff and clients
  • pamphlets on a variety of legal issues
  • The Tenants Answer Book: A Practical Guide for Tenants" -- 100 pages covering everything tenants need to know.

Community Development

We support organizations which work to improve the lives of vulnerable and
low income people in our community and our province.  Some of the groups
we work with include the ODSP Action Coalition, the Scarborough Housing
Stabilization Network, the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations, and the
Scarborough Community Renewal Organizations's Social Development

Law Reform

Many of the laws that affect low income and vulnerable people fail to adequately provide for their needs, or actually create more harm and inequality.  We work with staff from other community legal clinics around the province, with many other organizations and community groups, and with people with lived experience to promote changes in the laws and policies affecting them.  This can involve test case challenges to laws, (such as a challenge that was made to the Special Diet schedule under OW and ODSP), lobbying government officials and politicians, writing submissions to Commissions or any body tasked with reviewing laws and programs, speaking to the public through the media, or supporting other efforts to improve the living conditions of people we work with.